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Bee Escapes Metal Corner x4

Bee Escapes Metal Corner x4


Used to remove most of your bees before you take the honey super off for extracting.

Simple attached 4 Bee Escapes the four corner of your board and inset into your hive below the honey super you wish to remove.  As the bees leave the super for the night to tend to the brood they cannot return to the honey super.   

Tip:  if you have a strong hive and there loads of bees on frames then I suggest you add an empty Ideal super under your honey super with the escape board in between so the bees have somewhere to escape to.  Otherwise it doesn't clear the honey super.

I recommend you put the escape on late afternoon for honey removal the next day.  Leave any longer and the bees are intelligent enough to work out getting back to the honey.

This is for a pack of 4 escapes.

Made in metal

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