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Our Story

We love helping you with your passion of caring for bees.  You can be a novice beginner or an experienced apiarist - we certainly have something for you.  Join our community to make your hobby an affair to remember... 

Bec has been around bees her whole life. Eating fresh comb honey straight from the hive was her absolute favorite treat - nothing else even compared to the mouthwatering warm honey and chewy white comb and sticky fingers. Obviously, as a young girl it was all about the honey but the fascination of different colored pollen returning from the field and seeing huge bee swarms fill the sky like a silhouette as they leave the parent hive certainly aroused something deep inside her.  The love affair had begun!

Now, as an Adult and having a family of her own Bec's business took shape organically.  Years back, people were fascinated that a young lady was a beekeeper and were always asking about what to do and where to get all the beekeeping supplies and bees.  Having this opportunity present itself Bec's BeeHive was born in 2010.

Now Bec has the pleasure of helping others begin this amazing and intriguing hobby.  "There is certainly a level of anxiety for beginners when they get their own bees and I wanted to help alleviate this overwhelming sense to ensure they are confident and fully aware of their responsibilities before they take on the hobby.  What happens in your hive can affect your neighbors too and it can then begin a domino effect when it comes to colony health.  Beginners need a solid foundation with understanding Pests & Disease and hive management before they start - so this is where I come in." says Bec.  

Jump onboard Bec's BeeHive Beekeeping for Beginners Education program and Create a Buzz in your Backyard too!

Take a look here at a taster of Bec's programs and what she can offer you as a beginner apiarist. Have Fun!