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Report a Swarm


Bees have to reproduce as it's their natural way for survival and the result is called a Swarm!    

Swarms can basically land anywhere from the fence posts to letterboxes but more commonly on tree branches.  Prior to leaving the parent hive, the bees gorge themselves on honey in anticipation of finding a new home.  They need the stores to survive during the transition.  When they land, they form a cluster temporarily in one area and can stay there from a few hours to a several days before moving to a new location.  During this period the scout bees are busily sourcing a new location to set up the new home and several factors are required for the swarm to agree to move on.  
As a general rule, swarms are not aggressive as they are not protecting their home - they are looking for a new one.  Also they have full stomachs of honey which makes it harder for them to wrap around their abdomen to sting.  As I mentioned, this is only a generalisation as I have personally experienced some extremely aggressive swarms so don't be fooled thinking it is safe. 
We recommend you ensure children and animals are kept well away from them and do not interfere with the Swarm as it makes it more difficult for removal and it can also aggravate them. 

If you do find a swarm, please call one of the beekeepers below who service your area.  The beekeepers help relocate them in a suitable home and the honeybees are therefore saved from being destroyed.  Some swarm collectors do charge a fee, this is to cover the costs of the equipment they need to house them and maybe petrol.  So always check what they charge before they arrive to save any uncomfortable conversation once the job has been finished.

Another thing to ensure if you haven't mistaken a wasp nest for a swarm or feral colony.   A Feral colony is when the bees have made comb in a random place as they didn't find a suitable cavity to move into.  This is a picture of a huge feral colony in possum boxes in a tree.  Please note that this type of removal is difficult and takes time.  So check with the beekeepers if he/she removes feral colonies before they turn up at your property.  Cost for remove is higher than swarm removal.
It is far better to call a Beekeeper/Apiarist than a Pest Controller - so help save the bees and have them re-homed by someone who cares about our food chain and our future.  Many thanks.

Below is a list of swarm collectors, please note that Bec's BeeHive does not take any liability or responsibility for the people mentioned below and does not endorse them.  They are purely beekeepers who have requested to be listed on this page as to offering the service to your local community.  Bec's BeeHive relinquishes any liability for their actions.   Please leave message with your name, suburb and contact tel number along with short description of swarm size and location (i.e. branch, chimney, fence). Thanks

If you would like to be included in this list, please email your details.


Dandenong Ranges, Cardinia, City of Knox or areas not noted here as I have a comprehensive list of swarm collectors which are not listed here. We farm out the job to those closest to you. Bec 0409 850 735
Yarra Ranges, Warburton & Surrounds Yarra Valley Bee Club

0490 663 980

Melbourne CBD & Northern Channel Mat 0414 406 136
Wantirna & immediate surrounds Haydn 0412 553 434
Port Melbourne & City of Port Philip
(also cutouts/feral colonies)
Pete 0418 535 136
Doncaster & Surrounds Helmut 0419 373 814
Narren Warren & Surrounds Ash 0414 366 633
Thornbury  Benedict 0418 863 884
Dingley, Hampton, Moorabbin & Surrounds Nikolai 0422 299 866
Kinglake & Surrounds Sue 0413 698 140
Mornington Peninsula

Glyn 0498 654 479
Chris 0421 514 742
Daniella 03 9787 8864

Pakenham to Cranbourne Chris 0421 514 742
South Gippsland area Sharon 0418 502 396
Warragul & Surrounds, West Gippsland William 0487 100 001
Macedon Ranges (Woodend) Matthew 0417 313 002

Geelong to Bendigo to Melbourne -
specialty cut outs & feral hives

Bee Removals Vic
0421 885 338
Bellarine Peninsula Grant 0419 520 640
Colac/Otway and surrounds in South West Vic Greg  0352102700
Portland/Heywood Mark 03 552 71 752
WASP Nest Removal - Melbourne & Surrounds Tommy  0418 398 790


Sydney eastern Suburbs, e.g. Rosebery, Alexandria, Botany, Kensington, Zetland Fiona 0401222979
NSW Lower Hunter Valley and lower Mid North Coast
Brent 0418460212

South Australia

Victor Harbour, Southern Fleurieu areas
(also cutouts/feral colonies)
Mark 0402 381 169


Canberra Eric 0414 501 578
Queanbeyan & Surrounds Scott 0427 380 604


Greater Hobart, Eastern Shore, Sorell, Dodges Ferry areas.
Sonja 0435624141



Brisbane & Surrounds Jack 0406 287 815

Western Australia

Bussleton, Bunbury & Surrounds Kylie

Other States

Please contact me as we are always needing more to add to our list.  Thanks


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