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Welcome Aussie beekeepers to our hive & may your bees be well fed & may your journey be simply amazing!  Let us help you enjoy every step of your beekeeping experience with our quality gear and helpful education.

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 We welcome you to our beekeeping family and we offer Australia Wide Shipping or click & collect from Kallista by arrangement.

As always we only offer quality products sourced from years of searching to ensure we can stand behind everything we offer.  The recent asbestos scare has proven yet again that we uphold integrity of our beekeeping product offerings.

We are established and experienced and have had the pleasure of sharing the joys of beekeeping with our Australian Beekeeping Community.  Our beekeeping courses have been running since 2009 and some of our students are now kicking goals in their own businesses.  We are just thrilled to have helped them begin their very own beekeeping journey in Australia and now it could be you!

 Becs BeeHive Supplies & BeeSmart Beekeeping Education can help you start beekeeping, setup your beehive & grow while you learn how to have your own backyard beehive.  Our behind the scenes community will support you through those challenges that beginner beekeepers to experienced apiarists endure.  We have trained 1000's of Australian beekeepers just like you who now are accomplished backyard beekeepers / apiarists with some even stepping into commercial beekeeping businesses or have taken on jobs in the industry.   
To get special offerings and bonuses become a BeeSmart Beekeeper with Becs and her amazing team of experienced beekeepers. 
Yes we've been training people even before backyard bees were popular!!!  



More Beekeeping courses and helpful beekeeping resources are being added to this portal to help you with beginners to advanced beekeeping techniques.

We pride ourselves on the quality beekeeping supplies and equipment offered which are sourced as locally as possible to ensure we are supporting our own Australian Businesses as our No.1 Priority where we can.  Products sourced from overseas countries include Europe, US, UK, NZ as our 2nd Priority then Asia. We do our best to offer high quality beekeeping products which our team stands behind and also uses in the field.

Our motto is "buy quality & buy once only"

Bec comes from a beekeeping family and she just loves her bees so her gear & programs are designed with care & respect not only for the bees but for the entire Aussie Beekeeping Industry.
Come on - lets help you begin your journey with bees and you too will be captivated by these amazing little creatures.   
Wholesale orders are welcome on some lines.
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Beekeeping supplies can be shipped Australia Wide from our store to your door.   or Click & Collect for our locals (normally next day by arrangement)

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Thanks for buzzing by - we hope you enjoy our Hive.

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