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Queen Development Wheel/Queen Swarm development lifecycle - Updated design


This Queen Development Wheel is also a Handy Queen Swarm development lifecycle tool.   We can all use this in our management techniques so you don't have to be a Queen Breeder/Rearer to need this.  Easily shows what is happening within the cell during her development. Helpful in knowing when a swarm cell will emerge according to it stage in development.   On the back you also have a reference guide of the development of the other castes of the hive too.  

If you want to try your hand a queen rearing then this tool makes your time frame super easy.  Position the graft day on the day of the month so you can follow the formula.  ie. prep cell cups, grafting time, development schedule, fragile period and lots more info.

Comes with an information sheet for ease of use.

Note: picture below is old style - new dial design to be uploaded soon

Made & designed in New Zealand by Deb Hambly

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