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One Hand Queen Catcher for Marking

One Hand Queen Catcher for Marking


A simple way to catch and mark your queens safely without damaging her in your fingers.

Can be used with one hand.  Simply place the opening over the queen on the comb and slide down the closer.  Gently push the plunger up to the grill to secure her firmly without squashing her and mark her through the grill.  Allow a few seconds to dry before releasing her back into the colony.

Should I mark my queen bee?

Queen marking makes it easier to spot your queen during hive inspections, especially if you have a very busy, densely populated beehive. It can also be a quick indicator if your queen is replaced, either by a new queen from within the hive or the leader of an incoming swarm. You can also use colour coding to mark the year of birth of a queen, providing further valuable information about your hive.

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