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Bee Brush - Nylon


Nylon bristled bee brush. To be used wet. Shake off excess water before use.


What is a bee brush used for?

Bee brushes are used to gently and harmlessly remove small quantities of bees from frames during hive inspections or when closing up the hive. They can also be used to brush bees away from capped frames.

What is the best way to brush bees?

To avoid harming the bees, use one of the following methods:

1. Slowly sweep the brush across the comb, gently nudging the bees along. Be careful not to knock them over or push them into the comb, especially if you are working with uncapped honeycomb.

2. Use the ends of the brush bristles to flick the bees up off the combs, again taking care not to damage wings or legs. 

Benefits of synthetic bee brush

Nylon bristles are very soft and gentle on bees, and can be easily washed. They also last longer than natural horse or pig hair. 


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