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Silicone mould – Hare, small  FS88

Silicone mould – Hare, small FS88


Height 35 mm

Wick 3×6

Wax 5 g

You can make a candle of beeswax in a few simple steps. Items required:

»Silicone mould,

»Wick of appropriate thickness, matched to the size of the candle (the larger the candle, the thicker the wick)

»Rubber band


»Silicone spray (optional)

1. Preparation of the form

If you cast candles with a complicated pattern, you should spray it inside with silicone spray, it will be easier to remove the finished candle from the mould. Then cut off the appropriate length of the wick (it must be longer than the form) and drag it through the center of the mould – it should be taut. The next step is to put elastics around the form. At the end, stick the toothpick into the end of the wick and strain it well.

2. Pouring the wax into the mould

Dissolve the wax in a pot (preferably enamelled dish). Liquid wax should have suitable temperature of approx. 60°C. Pour the wax slowly so it reaches all hollowes. The setting time of the wax depends on the size of the silicone mould.

3. Removing the candle from the mould

When the wax is set pull the elastics, open the mould and gently take out the candle. Next, remove the toothpick and cut the wick at the base and leave about 1 cm at the top of the candle.
In the last step cut the bottom of the candle with a knife so the end of the wick can be soaked in warm wax.

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