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Beeswax Mould - Flexible Silicon


Silicon beeswax moulds with prints engraved inside.

Great gift idea or to sell in smaller quantities.

Moulds 1, 2, 3 are 5 are pink silicon
Mould 4 is clear silicon

It is a flexible mould so we recommend you allow the wax to fully cool down to make it easier to remove.

Beeswax does naturally shrink to aid in the removal from the mould.

Do not place in microwave or oven.  Its is a beeswax mould, not a cooking or melting device.  Beeswax naturally melts at 63 degrees celcius 

BULK ORDERS AVAILABLE. Receive 10% off with an order of 10 or more

NOTE:  wax must not exceed 70 degrees Celsius to avoid risk of warping the moulds.

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