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Wax Melter & Cappings Reducer 35L

Wax Melter & Cappings Reducer 35L


Model: EB35D - 35 litre Multipurpose Unit - Bee Keeping – Capping’s Reducer - Wax Cleaning – 50kg Honey Warming & more

Recommended for 20 - plus Bee Hives

2 x Stainless Steel Product Outlet (Tap) & water jacket bridging pipes.

1 x Brass Water Jacket Drain Tap

Suitable for products that require melting temperatures up to 85 oC 

A Double Boiler will increase your production output significantly with less effort, less mess and great temperature control.

A double boiler is the single best investment you will make for your hobby or small business.

Dual outlet units make cleaning bees wax a breeze!

Cleaning Wax Guide - Dirty wax capping’s, old foundation and wax from previous cleans.

Add wax capping’s, old foundation and wax from previous cleans to the chamber as well as approximately 30-50mm of clean water.

Set the thermostat temperature to approximately 65c.

Once everything has melted, separated and settled, open the lowest chamber tap to drain off the honey rich water until you see the colour change and wax starts to come out, close the bottom tap, the wax line is now be between the bottom and top chamber taps.

Move up to the top chamber tap and use a small container to check if clean wax is coming out.

Once clean wax is coming out drain clean wax straight into a pouring jug or moulds until the clean wax is exhausted.

Repeat the process until all capping’s and old foundation have been used.

Reducing / Cleaning Straight Capping’s Guide

Reducing and cleaning straight capping’s, is essentially the same process as the cleaning wax guide below with one difference, clean water may not be needed to be added to the chamber as the honey in straight capping’s tends to have enough moisture to melt and separate.

The honey recovered from the capping’s is commonly used for sauces and in cooking,

The Basics

  1. First fill the unit’s water jacket.
  2. Plug into a power outlet.
  3. Select desired temperature on the thermostat.
  4. Heat unit up to temperature.
  5. Add wax/product and heat product to required temperature.
  6. Make Products.


  • Time Saving.
  • Thermostat Heat Control.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Designed for use on a standard 10amp power point with safety switch.
  • Fully serviceable.
  • Clip on Thermometer to monitor product temperature in the chamber.


  • 35 litre internal product chamber.
  • 22 litre water jacket.
  • Unit overall dimensions: H56cm x W44cm.
  • Internal product chamber dimensions: H35cm x W37cm
  • 2 x Stainless Steel product outlets (tap) with insulated handles.
  • 1 x Brass water jacket drain tap.
  • Product outlets (tap) heights 20cm & 25cm.
  • Bottom Internal tap outlet sits approximately 1 cm from the chamber base on the inside of the product chamber.
  • Higher taps are the wax/product outlet to the chamber, bottom red tap is to empty the water jacket.
  • Thermostat temperature range is 30-100℃
  • Cold start heat up approximates filled with product to 70C - 2 hours, 85C - 3 hours
  • Unit Power 240v/2300w – AS/NZS31122011 240V 10amp complies with Australian Electrical Standards and is the largest element that can be used on a domestic 10amp power point.

All units come standard with the 2300w element, units can be upgraded to a 3000w element on request if faster heat time is desired, a power supply upgrade by a qualified electrician would likely be required at your property to install a dedicated circuit if one does not already exist.

Note that units will have some minor marks from the manufacturing processes.

Double Boiling Method explained

An electric double boiler means the unit has a water jacket around the outside of the internal chamber, a thermostat to control heating to a set temperature and an electric heating element to heat the water in the water jacket, wax/product go into the internal chamber and the heated water in the jacket melts/heats/emulsifies/separates depending on the product being used from the base and the sides to the temperature set on the thermostat, being water jacketed the unit is limited to 100oC. The product outlet (tap) will not clog because it passes through the water jacket and is surrounded by hot water heating it.

Temperature is maintained by the thermostat to the set temperature continually allowing the user to spend more time perfecting the finished product.

Basically that's how a double boiler works, if you would like more information or have any questions feel free to email or send a contact number.

Note: If you wish to collect from store then we have up to a 2-3 week turnaround.  an email will be sent to you advising when its ready to collect from Becs BeeHive.

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