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The Story of Bees - Education & Imagination Game

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The Story of Bees is an education and imagination game and recommended for ages 3+  and for groups of 3- 32 players.  It is not a board game but an imagination game and requires adult participation and interaction for guidance.

This game is an original creation by Girl Next Door Honey founder Hilary Kearney and was illustrated by Timothy Winchester. It has been played in classrooms all over San Diego County as part of Hilary’s bee class for children.

Enter the fascinating world of honey bees.  Children will delight as they become part of a swarm in search of a new nesting site.  Each child assumes the role of a worker bees with special job assignments to help their colony grow.  As they act out their jobs, a compelling tale unfolds:  The Story of Bees!

Children will buzz, run, sing and dance their way through colony life all while learning real, factual information about bees.  They will face threats, make sacrifices and overcome it together, illustrating the benefits of teamwork.

Bees have so much to teach us and there is no better way to learn than to join in.


  • 32x Worker Bee Job Cards
  • 6x Worker Bee Job Posters
  • 4x Scout Bee Cards
  • 1x Crown
  • 1x Queen Bee Pin

The Story of Bees is best used in conjunction with a presentation of learning about honey bees and their inner workings of the hive.

It is a great addition to classroom curriculum that helps to reinforce interesting bee facts and offers an opportunity to teach larger positive lessons like leadership, teamwork and problem solving. It’s perfect for project based learning and developing the whole child. Hilary has also played this game with girl scout troops, homeschool groups and her own nieces and nephews! The Story of Bees! will help children retain valuable lessons about bees an life through educational play.

Pictures courtesy of Girl Next Door Honey - Hilary Kearney


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