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Lyson - Auto Feed Uncapping with cappings Extruder

Lyson Automatic Feed Uncapping Machine with 100kg/h Capping Extruder
Perfect for the commercial & sideliner beekeeping operation for honey processing
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    Lyson offers quality honey processing equipment and gear and they are considered world market leaders in their field.  Once you have seen the quality and have tried a Lyson, you will not look back.  

    Made in Poland

    The Uncapping machine is a device which can mechanically prepare capped honey frames for the process of honey extraction.  It is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness of work.

    This device consists of two elements:uncapping table (table dimensions: 150×54×110 cm) and cappings extruder.

    230V with electric heated blades

    1. Knife drive motor power 0.18kW
    2. Feeder drive motor power 0.12kW
    3. Motor's speed 9rpm
    4. Knives warmup time of about 5 minutes
    5. Capacity 4 Frames / minute
    6. Adjustable frame uncapping depth
    • The uncapping table combined with the cappings extruder improves work efficiency and reduces waste of honey. 
    • During the process of uncapping frames, there is a waste arising in the form of cappings containing honey.
    • The best way to recover honey from cappings is to perform this process during uncapping.
    • The design of this device allows for immediate separation of the remaining honey from the wax.
    • Capping extruder is one of the latest devices on offer. The device is available 100 kg/h. The machine is designed to separate the honey and ironing cappings in a mechanical way.
    • This process takes place inside a perforated cylinder where rotating separation-compression module squeezes the honey which enters the holes between the separating shaft and the perforated sheet metal and trickles onto a sieve underneath, while the remaining wax is pushed and compressed by the screw within the extruder and is then extended. As an effect we get a dry wax ready for remelting.
    • The entire construction is made of the highest quality stainless steel. The device is equipped with wheels for easy transport.
    • One of the main advantages of the device the is ease of use of the driver and compact dimensions.
    • Additional advantages of the extruder is a 230V power supply, and precise construction of all elements of the machine.
    • The extruder may also be used in the food industry as a fruit press.

    Extruder Dimensions:
    Height 65 cm
    Width 49 cm
    Length 103 cm

    Capacity up to 100 kg / h
    Power supply 230V
    Power 0,75 kW
    Regulated motor rotation speed: max 9 rev / min.

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