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Feed Bee Pollen Substitute 500g


Bee Build Pollen Substitute

Used when colonies are protein deficient.

Feedbee is a Highly Palatable, Nutritionally Balanced, and Highly Efficient Pollen Substitute Diet for Honeybees.

Feedbee is an alternative Feed/Diet for honeybees. Feedbee is comparable with high quality pollen. Feedbee contains 36.4% Protein, 3.9% Fat, 41.8% Carbohydrates, 10.0% naturally occurring Sugar, 3.1% Minerals.

Feedbee has been developed from the advanced research pertaining to:

  • Honeybee nutritional requirements
  • The composition of natural pollen
  • The nutrient contents of more than 255 feed ingredients
  • Incorporating the advanced dietetic principles of animals and insects by which modern feeds are developed

Feedbee can be used throughout the year. Using this protein diet will result in benefits such as:

  • Doubling Brood Rearing
  • Doubling Colony Population
  • Doubling Honey Crop

Feedbee pollen substitute provides a Highly Digestible Protein with balanced Essential Amino Acids required for Honeybees and Bumble bees.

Feedbee provides to colonies a High Level of Vitamins and Minerals that are key to bees' resistance against common diseases (e.g. AFB, EFB) and common pests (e.g. Verroa Mites, Tracheal Mites).

The Feedbee protein diet is a Giant Step for the Science of Apiculture and the Beekeeping Industry in the world.

Product Information

1 - Feedbee is easily accepted by bees in Powder form (Fig 1)

Research on Powder feeding of Feedbee has been done in Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Jordan, India, etc. and compared with pollen and some soy-based feeds. The results indicated that bees consumed the entire powder Feedbee & pollen in the feeders and a negligible amount of soy-based feeds.


  • The type and colour of the powder feeder had no effects on the feed intake.
  • The bees consumed the entire Feedbee poweder in the feeder even when there was a sufficient amount of good quality pollen available to the bees.
  • In some of the bee yards, the feeders were rubbed by bees from neighbouring apiaries.
  • The consumption rate was 450g - 500g (app. 1 lb) of powder Feedbee/hive/week.


I am delighted with FeedBee. I am getting honey varieties I have never got before. Even now I am working some African Boxthorn on the coast that is yielding good quantities of nectar, it has horrible pollen and the bees usually go backwards but keeping the FeedBee up to them they are powering ahead. 
I will need about 1000kgs this season. - sean Port Melbourne
As a commercial queen breeder up north Québec, Canada using Feedbee since many years now, we found nothing else better to boost and keep our cell builders colonies exploding like it should!! 
Best of the Best 
Anicet Desrochers 
Api-Culture, Hautes Laurentides Inc. 

Testing has proved that Feedbee assists hive growth in my hives and I am waiting for the report from the Queen producer. To hurry things along I have also supplied another Queen producer 5kg to experiment with Nuc hives started withy new queens - I feel that he will duplicate the results that I have seen.

R N Farrer
Vice President National Beekeepers Assoc of NZ INC

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