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Here is a selection of testimonials from my bee community...  thanks heaps for your support x

Hi Bec, just a note to thank you for a really excellent introduction to bee keeping. We are both inspired by the complexity, and shear wonder of bee keeping. This is something our daughter and son-in-law introduced us to by putting one hive on our small farm at Red Hill after doing your introductory course themselves. Yep, we’re hooked. Absolutely fascinating.Thanks again young lady. You have our admiration and appreciation. Look forward to talking in future. Max and Marilyn

Easy fr visitors to get excited about beekeeping when they have such an enthusiastic teacher/guide!  Michelle

Loved it to bits Bec, you calm, competent leadership made this an awesome experience for my first time up close to bees! Can’t wait to do another of your workshops❤️  Jacqui

You are the best Bec, absolutely determined and Passioned 🐝🐝🐝 Herbert

Was a great day Bec, as always we learnt a lot, had fun and followed up by your fantastic sandwiches and lamingtons 😁

Thankyou Bec for another enjoyable course today....Beekeeping for Beginers....
I learnt heaps with your knowledgeable, generous and relaxed teaching skills ...thoroughly enjoyed the day 😊  Cathy

Hi Bec,Thanks for the fantastic course on Sunday. It's the fourth (!) introductory beekeeping course I've taken, and of all of them it has been the best organised and most professionally delivered. I really appreciated the way the course was structured, and the focus on seasonal activities and responsibilities. None of the courses I've taken before have been as effective as reinforcing how big a responsibility beekeeping is, so it was good to hear more about the code of practice and our responsibilities around reporting pests and disease.  I really enjoyed the day and am more keen than ever to start the hobby!!  Thanks again. All the best,  Ren

Hi Bec Thank you for the very informative workshop. Anne and I really enjoyed it and appreciated your efforts in catering for a diverse group. Frank and Ann

Hi Bec,  Just wanted to say thank you for your talk on Thursday, feedback was so positive I am going to be hard pressed to find a guest speaker next time.  Great fit for the Teamwork theme.  Thanks again  Ken

Dear Bec, We really enjoyed the day on Sunday and came away feeling it was one of the best workshops we have been to. Your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm really made it for us.
Best regards Glenys and Bill

Hey Bec,I just wanted to thank you so much for a great day yesterday. I’ve dreamt of being a beekeeper since I was about 12 years old, now 37, I’ve finally got most of the conditions right! I really appreciate how much of yourself you’ve given to passing on the facts and inspiration. Tommy

Hi Bec, Thanks for your workshop today, I found it to be really helpful and well presented. I’ll catch up with you again on a field day hopefully.  Cheers Joe

I went to Bec's Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop with a passion and level of eagerness that, in my mind, wasn't likely to be further fostered by any course; only, I felt I needed to do some background educational training in the area before embarking upon any major activity. Not only were my expectations very much surpassed, I was more than pleasantly surprised when Bec, the presenter, was somebody who openly shared my enthusiasm and convictions. This was tempered by years of active experience.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone embarking on the path to beekeeping. Alan

I enjoyed all of your Bee Workshop. Super interesting and informative and really well paced. Actually, learning about the biology and behavior of the bees was extraordinary. Also really loved the link you made between developing a knowledge of bees and associated functions of natural environment (flora/weather/seasons etc..)

Exceeded my expectations. And I'm suitably a touch nervous about my new hobby now that I have a better understanding of what's involved. I like to call it a healthy respect for bees and and beekeepers.Brilliant business Bec. Absolutely vital resource for people like myself.  Thanks  Kelly

Hi Bec Just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for today's workshop. Catherine and I had a fabulous time. Your information was just what's required for newby starters like us and your enthusiasm is infectious.  We can't wait to get our hive and starter kits. Hopefully we won't need to send any SOS's to you. Talk soon Regards jb

Hi Bec Thanks for such an interesting workshop on Sat, I loved learning about the wonderful world of bees and think you did a great job having so much info at hand and putting up with all our questions Jodi

Thanks Bec for a great beginner bee course. I learnt heaps of valuable information and can’t wait to get my bees!  Kylee

 Hi Bec, I thought your Beekeeping Workshop was great and your enthusiasm inspiring. Your presentation was loaded with the right kind of information and even though you covered a lot you kept it interesting throughout. I realise now, how much I didn't know beforehand and the level of commitment and care the bees need and deserve.

The Workshop exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to others interested in taking up beekeeping. The content was engaging and comprehensive and I think the choice, size and location of venue ideal. I felt one of the best things about the workshop was your obvious passion and love of bees which seemed to translate easily to everyone through your presentation. Also, I was lucky enough to come home with a pot of your honey and I've been enjoying it on my morning toast. It's delicious!  Thanks Rhonda 

Really appreciate the workshop plus the ongoing help and guidance for beginners as I found it very hard to find out where/ how to start .. Your presentation came across as friendly, well thought out and as a structured approach delivered in such a way as to calm most novices nerves. Also being able to present the material in a way that was easily understood given it is a subject foreign to most of us was highly commendable. You have inspired me to give it a go!... thank you   Dave

Hi Bec thanx again for a great, informative, inspiring and fun day.  xxBeate

Hello Bec, Thank you for a most comprehensive beekeeping course yesterday. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to beginning our new hobby.  Thank you Bec, Kind Regards, Kate Lee & Marcus

Hi Bec, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop you gave today. It was fascinating and informative. Thank you. Pam

 Hi Bec, Just wanted to say thank you for a thorough intro to beekeeping, from regulations to interesting bee facts to useful books to tools and woodwork! You were very responsive and gave a lot if your time to the participants. I learnt a lot. Thank you again. Kind regards, Marzena

Dear Bec, Follow up email regarding the course. You are IMPRESSIVE!!!! Your delivery and information was superb Bec and I have been around Trainers for a long time - you were fantastic.  Will be in touch with you soon to get started. Love, light and happiness Sam and Wayne

Hi Bec, Just a short note to say thank you so much for the wonderful introduction to Bee Keeping last Saturday - I have been wanting to keep bees for some years now, but have always been discouraged by other Bee keepers in the industry. Your session was amazing - it was informative and encouraging, while at the same time making us aware of the trials and tribulations of Bee Keeping. What’s more not only was the introduction to Bee keeping informative, it was fun too . 
Thank you once again for an most amazing day - I can’t wait to get started. Regards Tina

Hi Bec,  I had wanted to thank you for such an informative morning. I'd regard it as an essential"" for any prospective bee keepers. I felt I learnt a great deal and that you're there to call on for back up (always a good feeling!). The fact that you make us aware of legal responsibilities relating to bee keeping shows that you take your responsibilities as an educator seriously. Thanks for a great morning. Cheers, Jenny 

Hi Bec
I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. After the workshop I went home full of info and have been trying to work out the perfect spot for a colony. Many thanks Deb

Hi Bec First of All, Thank you for a Great First up Day on Bee’s Great Info on Bee’s & Bee keeping for the Newbee’s like me I would think All First timers should go to a Day like yours [Keep up the Great work] Ash

Dear Bec,Just an update to let you know we have completed our 1st honey harvest last weekend.  We are sooo happy with the quantity and quality of the honey we got from just 3 frames. We were able to get about 18 (mostly small) jars from just the 3 frames and have been able to give jars to family and friends - which was our aim from the beginning.  Our bees are very placid and easy to manage, which is what you said the queen we bought from you would be like.  We just wanted to thankyou for all you help and encouragement and will keep in touch to let you know how we are going and if we need to order and supplies. Thanks again  Jan and Russell

I had a wonderful time, although I came away with my head swimming with information or should that be swarming? I appreciate that there is so much to know and your experience is very valuable, and you are very generous with sharing that. I came away wanting to know more. Your experiences added to the content and made it more real and engaging. I loved all the little tips along the way. My expectations were more than met. I thought you did a great time of instilling your love of bees to everyone in the room. .... Jo

 My expectations were exceeded at your Intro Workshop.  I had done some reading and internet research and wasn't sure what I would learn specifically. The hands-on aspects including seeing how seasonal hive adjustments are made were very helpful.It's always hard to create training material and adjust a presentation to suit the various levels of knowledge & enthusiasm of the participants, but I thought this was an effective day's learning.  I also had questions about the local hills' environment which you helped me with.  ....Richard

I went to the day as a novice beekeeper who didn’t know if I was doing things “right”. I found a lot of my practices were confirmed, and I learnt different ways of doing things that I was struggling with. In that respect, my expectations were exceeded .... Karyn

Hi Bec, Thanks so much for yesterday's course - it was a great introduction and so nice to learn from someone with such obvious passion for bees! Thanks Nerissa

Hi Bec I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. After the workshop I went home full of info and have been trying to work out the perfect spot for a colony. Many thanks Deb

Thanks, Bec. I found the workshop really interesting and very informative. I am converted! Really want bees but realise that I have a bit too much going on at the moment to begin at present. I'll be contacting you so I can get started. Will certainly recommend you to others.
Many thanks, Lisa 

Thanks Bec The course was great and I'm getting my new boxes ready for spring 
Your course was just the thing to get me started  Cheers Bruce

Hi Bec,  I had a great time and enjoyed every minute. Very well set out. I particularly enjoyed the little touch at the end. Keep up the good work. Regards Tim

Bec, and thankyou for such a great morning! We have now bought the ten acre property we were looking at..... it has two fruit orchards and I will be very keen to start some hives in them come spring!  Anyway, I will definitely be in contact and will keep an eye on your website for any further courses, So I hope to see you again soon! Kind regards, Cathy

Hi Bec It was a really good morning, came home all fired up but while I am getting some honey now at last none of it is capped - they are just starting.  Cheers  Gill

Hi Bec,
Thanks for yesterday.  It had clearly presented information by a presenter passionate about their topic. My expectations were met and exceeded thanks Narelle