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Beekeeping Course & Workshops

We have begun creating comprehensive Beekeeping courses to help you understand your bees and act according to their needs.  Understanding how to read your beehive and understand what your bees are saying is the key to successful beehive husbandry so our beekeeping courses and beekeeping workshops are tailored to help you understand your bees.

Head over to our Sister Beekeeping Courses and Education Site where Bec has created the beginner's beekeeping course and others to help you love your own backyard beekeeping beehive and give the bees the best care all Australian Beekeepers can offer .  

Our BEESMART Beekeeping Education WEBSITE will eventually become our entire training program for everything to do with keeping backyard bees successfully.  We encourage all beginner beekeepers to intermediate and advanced Australian Beekeepers to register to receive updates as our free & paid resources become available.   There will be something for everyone!

We are so excited to be working on many more beekeeping courses and online resources so you can enjoy learning about the magic of backyard beekeeping at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home.    These will help you begin planning and thinking about becomming a backyard hobby beekeeper with a beekeeping dream.  Stay tuned for our beekeeping education and workshop link are created.   These will include beginner to advanced resources including beehive crafts & other beekeeping related activities.  

Beginner Bee Keeping Workshops are highly recommended before your start with your own backyard beehive and bees. Not only will you gain confidence after having hands on experience with keeping your own bees before you take possession of your own bee hive but you will know the legal responsibility required as a Beekeeper in Australia.  Don't forget to watch my bee movie below which offers you a taste of our backyard beekeeping course & program.

beekeeping workshop student examining equipmentfield day for beginner beekeepers






I run Beginner Beekeeping Courses and Workshops in the Yarra/Dandenong Ranges and at other times closer to Melbourne. Also, check out other times and sessions around Victoria.  

Hear what past participants have to say about my workshops.

Other beekeeping education training courses and workshops are run throughout the year and more on demand as beekeeping gains more popularity in urban environments. If you are wanting to learn anything specific to keeping backyard bees and beekeeping in Australia, please feel welcome to contact us via email.

1. Step - Beekeeping for Beginners in Australia

This is a day long introduction to beekeeping course workshop  which covers what to expect, the rules and regulations, where to position your hive, pests & diseases, building your hive, seasonal management overview, the workings of the hive and so much more. This beginners beekeeping workshop is not a 'taster' glossing over beekeeping as a hobby but a full demonstration of bee husbandry and tips & tricks on keeping your colony healthy throughout the year. It takes a lot more than just placing your hive in the backyard and leaving it to do its own thing... You will learn how to manage your backyard bees for the first beekeeping season from a small nuc to a complete working and productive beehive.  Learning to read and understand your colony is the first step in establishing a healthy hive and becomming a better beekeeper.

See upcoming workshops here

Hi Bec,  Thanks for the fantastic course on Sunday. It's the fourth (!) introductory beekeeping course I've taken, and of all of them, it has been the best organized and most professionally delivered. I really appreciated the way the course was structured, and the focus on seasonal activities and responsibilities. None of the courses I've taken before have been as effective as reinforcing how big a responsibility beekeeping is, so it was good to hear more about the code of practice and our responsibilities around reporting pests and disease.  I really enjoyed the day and am more keen than ever to start the hobby!!  Thanks again. All the best,

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2. Step - Beekeeping Field Days In Springtime

We hold beekeeping field days for groups of beekeepers who have completed Step 1 - Beekeeping for Beginner's course and are wanting to experience opening a hive under supervision. This is a great opportunity for those who are about to take possession of their beehive and want to experience beekeeping before they even take the plung into buying all the gear to get started with backyard beekeeping.

Completion of Step 1 is a pre-requisite to join in this Beekeeping Field Day. It is one of our favority beekeeping classes and heaps of fun - everyone comes out buzzing with excitement.  Check out our Facebook Page for some pictures from previous years beekeeping for beginner's courses and hands on field days.

3. Step - Beekeeping for Beginners Pack Down Field Day In Autumn

With winter approaching we also hold a beginner beekeeping winter pack down day so our beginner beekeepers can see first hand how to physically pack down their beehive so the bees are snug and ready for the colder months ahead.  We discuss different techniques, honey requirements, storage of spare beekeeping equipment & beekeeping supplies and lots more. Everyone must be suited up and Completion of Step 1 is a pre-requisite to join in this Beekeeping for beginners Field Day course. 

You can visit Bec's online course platform to learn how to successfully packdown your bee hives here 

4. Step C - Advanced Management Techniques 

All participants who have come through my program get the opportunity to another field day.  Here you will learn more advanced beekeeping techniques to enable your smooth transition from year to year.  This is available after participants have had their hive for more than 1.5 seasons.  Everyone must be suited up and Completion of Step 1 is a pre-requisite to join in this Field Day.


5. Honey Harvesting

This workshop is run Jan to March each year- check out my website for dates and workshop schedules.

A sticky fun workshop designed to give you an understanding of timing, practical experience and know-how when it comes to harvesting your honey from your hive. Hands on fun with Bec.

A couple of hours hands on experience.

6. Short Workshops

Other short courses are run periodically throughout the year which covers a range of interesting topics.   

So Buzz back here again to see what is coming up soon.  If you wish to learn something specific drop us an email at 

If you've made it this far thankyou.  More videos and information on our beekeeping courses and offerings can be found via this link

Disclaimer:  Material & information published and/or presented in any of our training courses/workshops, leaflets or in Becs BeeHive website is produced in good faith & for general information and Becs BeeHive or its proprietors will not be liable for any loss suffered by any person for action taken on the basis of such information.