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Sugar Shakers Test Kit for Varroa mite Surveillance with instructions


We are sending all sugar shake test kits via express post to NSW.

Honey Bee Sugar Shaker test kits for varroa survelliance - includes instructions and icing sugar  for Honey bee biosecurity survelliance 

Your Bee Biosecurity obligation as an Australian Beekeeper is to undertake a sugar shake test  as a minimum of twice a year and record the results.  This is a simple surveillance method to detect external parasites such as Varroa, Tropilaelaps mites and Braula fly.  

It does not kill the bees being sampled. The process of shaking bees in fine sugar dislodges the parasites' so they can be collected and examined.  

Its best to perform these tests in Spring and then prior to Winter packdown.  But you can also perform it during summer if you wish or if directed by the department.

Its all part of your Bee Biosecurity requirement and the law.

If you are not sure how to perform the test then this link will assist.  You can skip to 1.03 to begin the how to instruction 



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