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Lid Pitched Roof Complete - with internal inner cover - 8 frame size

$55.00 $60.00

This lovely designed bee hive lid is a pitched roof which means it overhands the sides like eaves to a house.  Great for added protection and everyone loves the modern look.  

Keeping the bees cooler during summer and warmer during winter by having the extra insulation.

The inner cover / crown board gives better insulation for your bees.

8 frame Bee Hive lid complete - all you need to do is paint it

The internal crown board sits between the top box and the lid adding extra insulation & protection from the elements.  It has a central hole which also has a metal covering that can open or close off the hole from the bees.

Made with NZ Pine

 All you need to do is paint it.

Perfect addition to any backyard beekeeper bee hive to make it look amazing and help the bees regular the internal temperature.

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